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Cómo hacer dinero vendiendo MonaVie

1. El primer consejo en hacer dinero vendiendo MonaVie es entender su producto. Debe comprender cómo de MonaVie ayudará a la gente. Es necesario conocer los beneficios. Esto le ayudará a entender que va a comprar el jugo de usted.

Don ‘t tratar de vender a alguien el jugo sobre la base de todas las ventajas. Acai Berry Best to Use Beneficios del açai – Açai do Brasil Va a sonar como un vendedor de coches usados ​​si lo hace.

2. El siguiente consejo después de entender los beneficios del producto es identificar a las personas adecuadas. Después de comprender el beneficio, es necesario encontrar las personas adecuadas que van a comprar el jugo de usted. I ‘ll ir con el ejemplo he usado anteriormente.

Si se centra en el beneficio contra el envejecimiento, las personas que van a comprar de usted son las personas que quieren retrasar el proceso de envejecimiento. Las personas que tienen 40 años de edad en adelante. Esto hará que sea fácil para que usted pueda vender MonaVie.

3. El tercer consejo en hacer dinero vendiendo MonaVie es que han establecido un sistema. Se necesita un sistema en el lugar que ‘es fácil para su línea descendente de su uso. El sistema debe ser duplicable. Cuando se tiene un sistema en el lugar, usted será capaz de atraer a decenas de personas a su negocio.

El sistema debe ser capaz de encontrar las personas adecuadas (o atraer a las personas adecuadas) y entregar el producto en función de las necesidades de las personas que lo desee.

Estos son algunos consejos sobre cómo hacer dinero vendiendo MonaVie. Si usted es serio acerca de hacer dinero en su negocio, usted debe hacer algo al respecto ahora. Las personas están esperando los beneficios de la baya del acai. Ellos quieren que los beneficios ofrecidos por MonaVie.

Media Musings Blog Archive Where does Audio fit in

What idea would you have to improve the world that you could share in 60 seconds or less?

Why do I ask? Well as most of us are aware the future of journalism is all about video (hence my previous post) but audio has already started to make its way into the online sphere, mainly in the form of podcasts that ask listeners questions like that above.

The BBC World Service second Idea to Improve the World is a great example of how the future of audio in the form ofpodcasts can be used to engage and voice listeners.moncler jacket

This quirky and interactive program is structured as somewhat of a competition for those involved and the latest segment one photo per day by Nick Danziger is a great addition to the existing collection of ideas that can be heard on the webpage.

This segment, like all the weeks prior is an easy listen. We as listeners are told that the talent has to over the presenter and her two guests as well as us, the audience. The segment then gets straight to the point, cutting to the talent who has 60 seconds to share their idea to improve the world. The audience then hears a timer when the minute is up and the presenters and guest then analyse the idea in depth with the talent before signing off. A quick and concise summary of what the program is about.

4 5. Related links that listeners might enjoy and lastly other things including genres that listeners may be interested in.

In a future where different journalistic mediums will compete online I think news organisations and broadcasters need to already start extending their use of other media tools like audio and podcasts in the same way that The BBC is,so that online users will see that other mediums alongside video can be shared and enjoyed for years to come.

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Dated: May 17 2012

Here 16 time (!!!) Victoria Secret runway model Adriana Lima, giving her double a squeeze at the unveiling of her new Madame Tussaud wax figure in NYC. She wearing beautiful, black Gianvito Rossi Over the Knee Suede Boots paired with a sporty, floral silk jumpsuit.

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Alessandra Ambrosio recently swung by the set of Extra! in LA to rev up the crowd in a black and gold patent leather pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, paired with a skirt and bralette combo from Fausto Puglisi Resort 2016 runway collection. What else would one wear in December?

tiffany and co jewelry outlet onlineHere British recording artist and TV personality Cheryl Fernandez, walking the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards in an intricately embroidered pair of black thigh high Sergio Rossi boots. Her gown is a custom design from Topshop, of all places.

Meanwhile, Khlo sister Kourtney Kardashian was spotted doing a little shopping at Saint Laurent in Beverly Hills and wearing a much more supportive pair of black suede Stuart Weitzman Highland Boots. She also carrying one of our favorite bags, the Givenchy Pandora Mini Bag, which you can find in both red and black for $1,790 at Saks.

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And here sister Kylie Jenner leaving the West Hollywood launch of her highly coveted lip kits, which took place at Dash, of course. Add to that some Valentino Rockstuds and a Gucci or two, and now the perfect time to be looking to pick up a new addition to your collection. We scoured our favorite sale sections to pull out exactly those bags, and they available for your shopping pleasure below. If you act quickly, that is.

Someone I know flew to Paris to get a small black flap, nowhere in France had one. They told her that she can get one in Venice! She flew from Paris to Rome to Venice to be told it was a mistake, they don have one either. It was the Milan store that had one, she flew to Milan but it was beige they had not black!Jennifer Lawrence Has Been Mighty Fond of Her Valentino Bags Lately

As celebrity fashion endorsements go, Jennifer Lawrence partnership with Dior is one of Hollywood most high profile; the French brand got in on the ground floor, so to speak, and it has dressed Jennifer for nearly every high profile occasion in her meteoric rise to the A List. She also the face of the Be Dior handbag line, but with Raf Simons out as creative director and 2016 the last year of her current, $15 million Dior contract, we noticed the Hunger Games star has been carrying Valentino almost exclusively for the past two months.

Woman arrested in Transcona homicide

Police investigation has led to the arrest of Bernadette Neepin, 37, who lived in the home. Neepin has been charged with second degree murder for her alleged involvement and detained in custody.

Bernadette? who did not give her last name, lives across the street from 64 Allenby Cres., where police tape remained wrapped around one unit of a Manitoba Housing duplex well into Wednesday afternoon.

Lauren said Bernadette (Neepin) lives in the unit with two daughters.

Bernadette? Lauren said her first reaction was when she learned of the crime scene.wholesale nfl jerseys from china so worried about her. All I want to know is, is she OK? That all I want to know. a nice girl, Lauren said. I known her she been nothing wrong. We talk every day. I just worried about her because she has no family here. said she has watched over the home at 64 Allenby when Bernadette was away, and previously attended the birthday of the youngest daughter.

She said she lived in the neighbourhood for a year and refuted quotes she read in other media from neighbours saying the residence in question was known for loud parties and disturbances.

Police investigation has led to the arrest of Bernadette Neepin, 37, who lived in the home. Neepin has been charged with second degree murder for her alleged involvement and detained in custody.

Bernadette? who did not give her last name, lives across the street from 64 Allenby Cres., where police tape remained wrapped around one unit of a Manitoba Housing duplex well into Wednesday afternoon.

Lauren said Bernadette (Neepin) lives in the unit with two daughters.

Bernadette? Lauren said her first reaction was when she learned of the crime scene. so worried about her. All I want to know is, is she OK? That all I want to know.

It tasted like chalky, synthetic orange juice

It tasted like chalky, synthetic orange juice. For six hours after each glass, I was sharp and productive at my desk. A week later I skied pretty well considering I’d been knocked on my ass for two plus weeks. Frey says that Google is extremely focused on putting their best talent and expertise on making sure that the Google Cloud solution is secure. “If you take a look at our customer base, we have some of the world’s largest banks. We have some of the most stringent government customers.

Subsequently, Michael Kors Online hemp sandals, cloth sandals and leather sandals appeared one after another. The ancient people embroidered some auspicious patterns, such as dragon and phoenix, etc., on their sandals. Legend has it that in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 476BC), Jie Zitui, a nobleman of the Jin Kingdom, once got exiled together with the Jin King, Jin Wengong, to another kingdom.

I am completely sold on them. I ride it everywhere and will probably race it as much as I can. I just really love riding them. Web hosts: Web hosts that already use Parallels Plesk Panel can easily integrate Parallels Web Presence Builder in the control panel. The tool is designed to be monetized, though many web hosts don charge for access to the builder, and use it as a value added service to increase retention. Specific concern for hosts should be whether the builder, once launched by the customer, is likely to lead to a completed website within a few interactions, McCarrick said..

Browns continue housekeeping, trade Gilbert, release GabrielThe Browns continued their methodical housecleaning by sweeping out another first round pick. Cornerback Justin Gilbert, who never lived up to being the No. 8 overall pick in 2014, was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday for a sixth round draft pick in 2018 and Cleveland also released wide receiver Taylor ..

But I give to demerits to any guy who wears fingernail polish AND lets it chip. Seriously. Makes me nauseous.Ben (7/1) Thom Yorke quiet twin grinds out a passing design every week, and seems on the verge of busting out with something more impressive.Jay (5/1) Hard to anoint Jay as the favorite when there really isn one, but he been as consistent as Ben, only with a win and other top finishes in his pocket.

Outside of such fringe cases, the theory is that using HyperFormance, Virtual Vsync, or both technologies together shouldn’t incur a performance hit. Lucid’s timing algorithms run on the Intel IGP, so the discrete GPU doesn’t need to do any extra work to keep track of frames on the display; it’s free to devote all of its attention to rendering. Sounds pretty much like a free lunch..


Die Bedeutung der Gedenkfeiern für die Familien des Verstorbenen, für die Überlebenden der Tragödie und für unser größeres gesellschaftliches Gewissen kann nicht unterschätzt werden. Die Medien spielen dabei eine wichtige Rolle bei der Gestaltung der Öffentlichkeit durch ihre Berichterstattung. Aber Medien tritt eine feine Linie zwischen wechselnden Fokus auf ein wichtiges Ereignis und untergraben die Feierlichkeit der Gelegenheit.

Heute Morgen Medien berichtet, Moncler Jacken Outlet dass die Beerdigung für Jill Meagher ist eine private Zeremonie nur für Familie und Freunde, und dass die Familie wünscht dort Privatsphäre respektiert werden. Gleichzeitig reisen Journalisten und Kamerateams zum Fawkner Memorial Park, um Aufnahmen der Hinterbliebenen zu bekommen.

Nächste Woche ist der Jubiläum der Nacht vor zehn Jahren, dass Explosionen durch zwei Kuta Nachtclubs gerissen, getötet und 202 Menschen einschließlich 88 Australiern. An diesem Wochenende werden Journalisten und Nachrichtenteams aus Papieren, Radiosendern und Fernsehsendern aus dem ganzen Land in Bali fliegen, um eine Woche der Berichterstattung zu beginnen, die zum Gedenken führt. Dort werden sie Überlebende fragen, und die Familien der Opfer, um über die Blutungen offensichtlich zu sprechen: Sie noch trauernd? Oder wurde Ihr Leben verändert? Dass oft die Art und Weise diese Ereignisse abgedeckt sind mehr schaden als nützen. Ist das öffentliche Interesse wirklich von Bildern der Hinterbliebenen gedient, wenn sie weinen oder Verwandte und Überlebende bitten, ihre Erfahrungen zu erleben?

Es besteht kein Zweifel daran, dass es wichtig ist, dass die Öffentlichkeit an diese feierlichen Anlässe erinnert wird; Die Möglichkeit zu geben, zu reflektieren und denjenigen zu ermöglichen, die ihre Geschichten erzählen. Allerdings, wenn die Qualität der Berichterstattung wird respektlos, so kann die öffentliche Wahrnehmung des Ereignisses. Sie müssen nicht weiter als Anzac Day, um eine düstere Gelegenheit verwöhnt von den Medien-Zirkus und die daraus resultierenden öffentlichen Fan Tarif.

Ich denke, die Nachrichtenmedien müssen gelegentlich einen Schritt zurück und denken Sie daran, dass diese Ereignisse tatsächlich über etwas sind, anstatt einfach, dass sie auftreten.

Anzac Tag, Bali Bombardierungen, Gedenken, Jill Meagher, mediaDated: Okt 05 2012

Ich mag, wie Ihr Name und Blog-Titel reimt und ich stimme mit Ihrer Hauptprämisse, dass trauernde Menschen sollten allein gelassen werden und sollte nicht gezielt, um die Feierlichkeit zu bewahren. Aber manchmal, dass rohe Emotion Haken Menschen in die wirkliche Nitty Gritty einer Geschichte. Amerikaner.

Die Herald Sun’s aufschreiben und unglücklich Snaps auf der Jill Meagher Trauerzug ist beschämend und fügt nichts sinnvoll, um die Saga. Wie jede andere Beerdigung, die ich kenne, gab es eine Gruppe von emotionalen Menschen in schwarz, die über ihren jüngsten Verlust reflektierten. Ich hoffe aufrichtig, dass diese weißen Tauben über jene unethischen Journos flog und Tauchen sie bombardierte!

Jedoch, wenn das Sprechen mit denen, die an den Bali-Gedenken teilnehmen, ist ein Haken und Weise, die Öffentlichkeit über die breiteren politischen und historischen Konnotationen dann so zu informieren sie. Journos, die ausschließlich über die Trauer der Menschen berichten, sind Idioten, aber diejenigen, die zusätzlich tiefer in die Auswirkungen der Bombenanschläge auf die australische Außenpolitik, Indonesiens Krieg gegen den Terrorismus oder Jemaah Islamiyah usw. eingehen, sind klug.

Was Gallipoli angeht, so waren es fast 100 Jahre her, wenige, wenn irgendjemand irgendwelche direkten persönlichen Bindungen hatte und daher die Trauer nicht über geliebte Menschen wäre. Aufmerksamkeit kann nur eine gute Sache sein, wenn berichtet für seine breiteren Auswirkungen auf die australische Geschichte. Zum Beispiel kostete der Krieg 60.000 australische Leben und seine Implikationen für britische Beziehungen in Australien usw.

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Es ist wahrscheinlich, dass Unternehmen wie diese auf die Verbesserung der Bestandsentwicklung gebogen sind. Nehmen Sie den Sonnenbrillenhersteller Oakley, der diese Woche das dritte Quartal verzeichnete. Trailing 12 Monate Umsatz über $ 500.000.000 für die erste oakley fives quadratischen Überprüfung Zeit und das Ergebnis je Aktie wuchs um 11%, aber sunglass Umsatz träge und das Unternehmen verpasste seine Einnahmen Schätzung um einen Penny. Oakley commit sq Es kürzlich bei $ 10,66, unten von $ 20 im Mai 2002 gehandelt. Dennoch hat das Unternehmen der Gründer und größter Aktionär, Chief Executive Jim Jannard Antimon Oakley Jim Jannard, hat seine Aktie nicht verkauft. In der Tat, kaufte er $ 250.000 im Wert von Aktien bei 9,50 $ pro Stück im September 2002 und bringt oakley schnelle Jacke Linsen seine gesamte Beteiligung auf 62,8%. 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American Salas scores touchdown in Lions preseason debut

Matthew Stafford threw a 35 yard touchdown pass to Golden Tate, and rookie running back Ameer Abdullah ran for 67 yards 45 on one play to lift the Detroit Lions to a 23 3 preseason victory over the New York Jets on Thursday night.

Stafford played only one possession in Detroit exhibition opener. He threw for 57 yards, completing his only two pass attempts both to Tate. The touchdown came on a throw over the middle, and Tate slipped between three defenders after the catch and ran to the end zone.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets new starting quarterback, played one drive, going 2 of 3 for 16 yards and guiding New York to a field goal. It been a tumultuous week for the Jets, who lost Geno Smith to a broken jaw when he was punched by teammate Ikemefuna Enemkpali in the locker room Tuesday.Cheap Jerseys from china Enemkpali was cut shortly after, and picked up on waivers by Buffalo, coached by Rex Ryan, who drafted the linebacker in the sixth round last year while with the Jets.

Smith, who was having a solid camp, had surgery on his jaw Thursday and is expected to miss 6 10 weeks.

Although Stafford appearance was brief, Abdullah played a bit longer and impressed the Ford Field crowd with his seven carries. The highlight was his 45 yard run up the middle in the first quarter.

Abdullah, a second round draft pick from Nebraska, could be a real asset to the Lions, who cut Reggie Bush in the offseason and were without injured running back Joique Bell on Thursday. Abdullah got a nice cheer on his first carry of the game, and Lions fans had to like what they saw from him.

Brandon Marshall, acquired by the Jets this offseason in a trade, caught one pass for 12 yards in his debut. Bilal Powell had 35 yards on eight carries, and Chris Ivory had 25 yards on six attempts. Cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, signed as free agents this offseason, also made their returns for the Jets.

Detroit Dan Orlovsky threw a 20 yard touchdown pass to Greg Salas early in the second half after the Jets fumbled. Salas, who played with the Jets the last two seasons, finished with five catches for 92 yards against his former team.

Detroit lost star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh in the offseason, and although his jerseys were still being sold at the stadium, the Lions did their best to move on without him. Defensive tackle Caraun Reid and defensive end Devin Taylor combined for a sack in the second quarter, and the Jets didn score again after Fitzpatrick opening drive.

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You know yourself well you always look amazing

The instant Marie heard him make this proposal she is coach factory outlet real untied her pockets, and gave them to Surgeon H bert with life coach certification her own hands. He examined them on the spot. In discount sunglasses oakley one he found some copper money and a thimble.

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You know yourself well you always look amazing. michael kors outlet Obama they convinced every woman that life in fashion is definitely not over once you pass 45. Were so many to choose from, she said. Market intelligence should play a key part in your decision to expand your business. You may be able to get important clues about the market, and some indication about your competitor situation. Getting information about your competitors can give you the leading edge, as it can show you ways in which your company benefit the customer and be unique..

A racing and car enthusiast, who owned 25 Ferraris at the time of the interview, he told the Official Ferrari Magazine: “When I use my cars I’m tough: I exploit her 100 per cent in her performance, and if we are at a race meeting, I act tough by taking risks. I don’t think of it as a museum piece or about the value of what I’m driving. If I go on a trip, it’s only sensible that I don’t start racing along the road, but if conditions and laws permit, I try to feel the sensations that a Ferrari can give you both on and off the track.”.

Davidson expects to see more manufacturers spring up. His five industrial grade printers are about $150,000 apiece, but he’s sure prices will continue to fall. And even the low cost desktop models, the ones for a few thousand dollars or less, are good enough these days that an enterprising person with a great idea could start prototyping..

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office is investigating, having acknowledged that a New Jersey State Police trooper fired four shots into Sykes’ home on the 300 block of Centerton Road. Officers responded to the Cumberland County property, mistakenly believing that a disconnected 911 call had originated there, prosecutors said. They have not said whether the officer or Sykes fired first..

When working with energy, you don’t have to relive every detail of a past trauma in order to release it from your system. Your Spirit already knows all the details; we just need to find the emotion(s) held with that memory. Psychotherapy has been traditionally utilized to treat this disorder in vets and disaster survivors.

Woman dies after collapsing following EDC music festival

Kenani Kaimuloa suffered a seizure while waiting for a shuttle bus with friends on Monday morning, her father, Dane Kaimuloa, told the Las Vegas Review Journal. Her friends called 911 but paramedics were delayed by heavy traffic and couldn reach the woman for 10 minutes.

In that time her heart stopped, the Review Journal reported.

“Iraq was a cakewalk compared to this,” Dane Kaimuloa, an Iraq War veteran, told KTNV. “I just tore up. Who would ever think something like this would ever happen to their kid?”

Doctors told Dane Kaimuloa his daughter died of heatstroke, dehydration and exhaustion,Cheap Jerseys from china according to the Review Journal. The Clark County Coroner Office is tasked with confirming the cause and manner of her death.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures in Las Vegas were record breaking over the weekend and topped 100 degrees. Forecasters issued an excessive heat warning Monday, when temperatures climbed to 115 degrees.

“It was really hot on the road, 120 on the road, “Dane Kaimuloa told KTNV. “The whole drive I was thinking my daughter is in this weather. What was she really going through?”

Family friend Jerod Murphy described Kenani Kaimuloa as a “beautiful, sweet, talented young lady,” on a GoFundMe page set up to help the family.

“I never once saw her without a smile,” he wrote.

Festival organizers shared condolences for the Kaimuloa family in a statement released Thursday.

“We were shocked and saddened to learn that a young woman who had attended the festival passed away,” said representatives with Insomniac Events. “Our sincerest thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of the woman. While the cause of this tragedy has not yet been determined, we ask everyone to keep her loved ones in their prayers during their time of grieving.”

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Seattle facing big challenge bringing NBA back

As the SuperSonics pack for the move to Oklahoma City, basketball fans and city officials were hopeful about the provisions of the team’s departure deal that could lead to a new NBA franchise in Seattle.

But meeting those requirements will be no easy task. Basketball boosters will have to win over a balky state Legislature and local voters who have grown weary of building stadiums for pro sports teams.

The biggest lynchpin in the process is a proposed $300 million renovation of KeyArena, which needs approval from the Washington state Legislature to cover $75 million. wholesale nfl jerseys Another $75 million would come from the city of Seattle with $150 million from private investors.

“(Seattle) is ready to do its part. Local investors have stepped up. Now, the state Legislature must act,” Seattle mayor Greg Nickels said.

Caught in the middle is the basketball fan in Seattle, who now must accept the reality that the green and gold of the SuperSonics is now a historic item.

The team is headed to Oklahoma City after 41 years and one NBA title in Seattle. The championship banners, the 1979 title trophy and the retired jerseys of Jack Sikma, Lenny Wilkens and Nate McMillan will remain in storage in Seattle in the hopes that the SuperSonics name and colors will be resurrected.

But if those jerseys ever hang in the KeyArena rafters again, perhaps alongside the numbers of more recent Sonics heroes such as Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, it will mean many obstacles have been overcome.

Wednesday’s settlement came with the blessing of NBA commissioner David Stern, but without the guarantee of a future team, leaving some Seattle fans feeling betrayed by city officials and the NBA.

But while fans vent their anger on blogs, local officials put a positive spin on the settlement, latching on to Stern’s reversal on the possibility that a renovated KeyArena could house a future team. Getting the money to update KeyArena, however, requires the approval of state lawmakers, who have rebuffed three previous efforts to help bankroll arena projects for the Sonics.

City officials now hope that a slightly different financing package will help them win the Legislature’s approval. Rather than attempting to tap regional taxes that are paying for Seattle’s other major sports stadiums, the city wants to divert a slice of existing hotel taxes that presently pay for the state convention center, Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis said Thursday.

That could generate enough money to back $75 million in bonds the missing piece of an equation that also includes $150 million in private money and another $75 million in city dollars from other sources.

“The key next step is funding package. Without that we can’t really have a negotiation,” said Seattle developer Matt Griffin, the public face of a potential franchise ownership group that includes Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer and has previously offered to pay for half of a $300 million renovation of KeyArena.

But Schultz, Bennett and Ballmer’s groups all have traveled this path before with the state Legislature, none finding any success. And the thought of a strict 2009 deadline for approving a new stadium financing package, well before there’s any team to play there, didn’t sit well with some in power at the state Capitol.

“It’s not going to work, with these 147 individually elected members of the state Legislature, to threaten them and bully them,” said House Majority Leader Lynn Kessler, D Hoquiam. “God love the fans, but we have a state to run. Two years ago, Seattle voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative to block such subsidies.

In his statement, Stern said the NBA would assist in helping Seattle acquire a team if state lawmakers approve the KeyArena remodel before the end of 2009. But finding an available team could be equally tough.

While franchise stability appears shaky in Memphis, Sacramento and Milwaukee, those teams may never come up for sale. And Seattle might be competing with the likes of Anaheim, Calif., Las Vegas and Kansas City for any attainable team, that could cost upward of $300 to 400 million to purchase.

In the interim, KeyArena will sit dark for much of the winter, with just the WNBA’s Seattle Storm and potentially a few Seattle University basketball games to fill the hoops void.

“I think the NBA can thrive there but it requires a modern building,” Bennett said. “It requires commitment of leadership and perhaps through this, that can all be realigned and pointed in the right direction. And I wish them well in that endeavor.”